PROCEEDINGS| Article Submission


We are pleased to announce the launch of the FISICA 2014 publishing process. The conference proceedings including the contributions submitted and presented at the meeting will be provides by the IST-Press publishers (ISBN provided later).

The deadline for article submission is April 19, 2015.


Articles must be submitted using the FISICA 2014 webpage, HERE, ("abstract submission" => "add abstract", submit here the ZIP file) using your participant access credentials. Each author may submit only one article (multiple articles are accepted but need to be submitted by a co-author using his access credentials.


Each article should be submitted using the word template | TEX template and by uploading a folder identified as ' name_1st_author.ZIP ' in which shall be included:


1- a MS Word file of the article (name_1st_author.doc or name_1st_author.docx)


** the MS Word template is to be used as a model, a particular attention must be taken in the references section that will have to follow the format provided in the template; articles submitted with a different format will not be approved for publication and is up to the authors to ensure this compliance;


** the invited contributions will have a maximum of four (4) pages , and two (2) pages for all other contributions (oral or poster). This number of pages includes all the paper figures;


2- a PDF (or TEX ) version of the paper (name_1st_author.pdf or name_1st_author.tex)


3- Each figure in a .JPG or .PDF format (name.1st_author_fig1, name_1st_author_fig2, etc) with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and is the responsibility of the authors to ensure that the images provided obey the requested resolution; otherwise the article may not be published.


4- a 'Declaration of consent for publication', completed and signed.


Additional information may be requested emailing



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